allie wilson photography about me


What I love is emotion & connection between families and couples, mothers and their babies. I love the ocean, beautiful light, haunting shadows, and flowing wind. I love free-lensing, motion blur, prisms, grain, and texture. I love creating art with my subjects because I believe every person on this earth IS a work of art. I cannot make you beautiful (because you already are) but what I can do is showcase that beauty for the world to see.


Let's make good, beautiful, art together.


I am a lifestyle and documentary photographer based in South Jersey. I have a husband and two children, two dogs, and a fierce love for my camera (third baby). I also love to paint, practice yoga, serve in my local MOPS ministry, and watch The Office reruns while editing late into the night. I can't wait to work together and get to know you and your family. 

*all images on this page by Bridget Laudien